歌手 CooRie 
作詞 rino 
作曲 rino 
編曲 rino 
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大切な願い Taisetsuna Negai - CooRie (Self-Improvised Piano Version)大切な願い Taisetsuna Negai - CooRie (Self-Improvised Piano Version)
woo, back to piano. xD this is Taisetuna Negai by CooRie, the ending theme to Nanaka 6/17 (ななか 6/17). yes, i know the anime was out and ended like, 5+ ...
Jamal Corrie - Solo Piano MixJamal Corrie - Solo Piano Mix
Hi! These all are my original compositions and performances for solo piano (except for Beirut - Nantes). Please leave a comment and subscribe to my youtube ...
"Corrie" A piano Tuners Guilty Pleasure"Corrie" A piano Tuners Guilty Pleasure
Corrie's piano piece-Cossack RideCorrie's piano piece-Cossack Ride
Corrie playing piano.
Testimonial Tuesdays Corrie's Family - Yamaha Group Piano Lessons - Call 972.335.5112Testimonial Tuesdays Corrie's Family - Yamaha Group Piano Lessons - Call 972.335.5112
It's Testimonial Tuesday! Here's Corrie's story and her 4 yr old daughter in Yamaha Group Piano. 7 Notes is an authorized Yamaha Music School specializing in ...

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