Que Sera Sera

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【live】Bravin' Bad Brew - Ayahi Takagaki cover【live】Bravin' Bad Brew - Ayahi Takagaki cover
2013 Bravin' Bad Brew 作詞:畑亜貴 作曲:上松範康 「闇から助けて。」 感じたの哀しいVoice I'm in the hell I'm in the fate 抱き合えば凍り付く 信じない誰...
Venus Versus Virus: Character Vocal Album - 02. inner worldVenus Versus Virus: Character Vocal Album - 02. inner world
Track 02 of VVV's Character Vocal Album - song sung by Takagaki Ayahi.
CHARGE! - Kaori Fukuhara & Ayahi TakagakiCHARGE! - Kaori Fukuhara & Ayahi Takagaki
Song: CHARGE! (Opening theme song) Artist: Kaori Fukuhara & Ayahi Takagaki Anime: Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Year: 2009 Genre: Anime Lyrics: kiseki wa ...
Ayahi Takagaki~Life coverAyahi Takagaki~Life cover
Hey everyone! I really loved this song so, this is my cover for it. ^/_^ Sorry about the static in the background! But please listen. ^/_^ OST and image by Ayahi ...

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