歌手 ClariS 
作詞 kz 
作曲 kz 
編曲 kz 
カテゴリ アニメ ニセコイ OP 1
閲覧数合計:445725 今月:1542




Nisekoi ニセコイ Opening - "Click" (Extended Version by meteorologist15)Nisekoi ニセコイ Opening - "Click" (Extended Version by meteorologist15)
Note: This is a FAN-MADE extended remix, not the official full version. The audio is at NORMAL SPEED! You can LEGALLY download the full official release ...
[osu!] ClariS - CLICK (Full) [Insane][osu!] ClariS - CLICK (Full) [Insane]
This was a lot easier than I anticipated for a 4 minute map. It's also a lot higher quality than I was expecting, as a map, which was really nice. My arms are still ...
[ピアノで弾いてみた] CLICK / ClariS[ピアノで弾いてみた] CLICK / ClariS
アニメ「ニセコイ」より、ClariSの歌うop「CLICK 」をピアノアレンジで弾いてみました。 この曲は前々から好きで、フル版を聴いてますます好きに...
[Nightcore] ClariS - CLICK[Nightcore] ClariS - CLICK
[Nightcore] ClariS - CLICK from Nisekoi Thank you for watching.
Nisekoi  - OP1Nisekoi - OP1
Résumé : Bien que fils d'un chef de clan yakuza, Raku Ichijô fait de son mieux pour se comporter en lycéen ordinaire. Son quotidien tourne au cauchemar ...

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