Revival Song

歌手 Brand New Vibe 
作詞 KEI(Brand New Vibe) 
作曲 Brand New Vibe 
編曲 鴇沢直 
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Martine Girault The Revival (Long Version) (FFRR) 1992Martine Girault The Revival (Long Version) (FFRR) 1992 Full length version of one of the best 12"s of the 1990s. This is the Ray Hayden produced BOMB 'The Revival' by Martine Girault. Pure class.
Selena Gomez - Revival (Track By Track)Selena Gomez - Revival (Track By Track)
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REVIVAL -  Martine Girault  (long version)REVIVAL - Martine Girault (long version) Martine Girault Revival lyrics Smoke-filled rooms with an amber glow Whispers in your ear while you're movin'...
Toby Mac-Burn for youToby Mac-Burn for you
I'm a brand new man, I'm a conscious man I'm a man who's burnin' for you The mistakes I've made have been chased away to the bottom of the ocean blue I'm a brand new man in a foreign land,...

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