作詞 江畑兵衛 
作曲 江畑兵衛 
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Sopwith Triplane (RoF) : Dawn Patrol 8Sopwith Triplane (RoF) : Dawn Patrol 8
Rise of Flight (PC). When I lower speed to gauge the distance between the enemy aircraft, the tripe enters a spin and doesn't recover.
KSP TriplaneKSP Triplane
Well I thought It would be a good idea if I tried to make the biplane even bigger...it helps for some reason. Music First segment: "Final Count" Kevin MacLeod ...
WOFF UE Jasta 9 Campaign Encounter 2  -  triphoundsWOFF UE Jasta 9 Campaign Encounter 2 - triphounds
I look behind and 3 of my flight have turned 120 degrees and flying back the way we came. A trail of smoke way in the distance up above shows me a Sopwith ...
Jumping Squats Tri Plane & Arm DriversJumping Squats Tri Plane & Arm Drivers
This video looks at jumping and how it can be integrated into a work out to focus on multi planar movement of the lower limb. This video covers: 1. Sagittal Plane ...
Common Lunge Matrix With A Tri Plane FocusCommon Lunge Matrix With A Tri Plane Focus
The Lunge is a fundamental primary movement that each and everyone of us carries out everyday. Regardless of whether we are children, teenagers, adults or ...

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