Diamond Only

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E-girls / Diamond Only (Music Video)E-girls / Diamond Only (Music Video)
http://e-girls-ldh.jp/ 強く願う事でそれぞれの色で輝き出せる-ひとりひとりがDiamondの原石-。さらに輝きを増すE-girlsの最新スーパーダンスポップ!
E-girls / 制服ダンス ~Diamond Only~E-girls / 制服ダンス ~Diamond Only~
http://e-girls-ldh.jp/ 強く願う事でそれぞれの色で輝き出せる-ひとりひとりがDiamondの原石-。さらに輝きを増すE-girlsの最新スーパーダンスポップ!制...
E-girls - Diamond Only (Short Ver.)E-girls - Diamond Only (Short Ver.)
I have just recently discovered e-girls and I LOVE them. :) So I made a shortened version they use for their live performances. As always, a download link at the ...
E-girls - Diamond Only [Instrumental - Backup Vocals] (Short Ver.)E-girls - Diamond Only [Instrumental - Backup Vocals] (Short Ver.)
So I uploaded the shortened audio version and now here is the instrumental version with background vocals added. Full length and shortened versions are ...
[Nightcore] Diamond Only - (E-girls)[Nightcore] Diamond Only - (E-girls)
Oops, sorry for the error at the end!! I've just seen it ^^'' ______♥______ ♥Song:Diamond Only(E-girls) ♥Editor:Virtual DJ | Windows Live Movie Maker ...

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