歌手 星空凛(CV.飯田里穂) 
関連リンク: 飯田里穂 
作詞 畑亜貴 
作曲 佐々木裕 
編曲 佐々木裕 
カテゴリ アニメ ラブライブ! アレンジ版
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Snow Halation Rin soloSnow Halation Rin solo
nice fair use in copyright pls no flag me thanks I dun get profit off this as well edit: mfw this is my most viewed vid everything else has 20 views god bless you weaboos.
Aishiteru Banzai! (Rin's Solo)Aishiteru Banzai! (Rin's Solo)
This was requested by MartaPD2! Enjoy~ I don't own any of the pictures or the song. Hoshizora Rin- CV: Iida Riho.

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