twin portion

歌手 Ray 
作詞 三重野瞳 
作曲 Ikuo 
編曲 Ikuo 
カテゴリ ゲーム BinaryStar ED
閲覧数合計:1863 今月:6



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【Ray】「やわじゃないDID!! -Catch me! To LOVEる-」MV -short ver.-(2ndアルバム「Milky Ray」より)【Ray】「やわじゃないDID!! -Catch me! To LOVEる-」MV -short ver.-(2ndアルバム「Milky Ray」より)
2ndアルバム Ray「Milky Ray」 発売日:2014年6月4日 品番・価格: 【初回限定盤 (CD+DVD)】GNCA-1406/税抜価格¥3800 【通常盤 (CD)】GNCA-1407/税抜価格¥3,00...
Masculine Twin Flame Earth. Gondolos/Gandanom.  channelled portion.Masculine Twin Flame Earth. Gondolos/Gandanom. channelled portion.
Chloe channels Father Earth. He speaks of his difficulties in withdrawing from the material Earth plane and his returning role. For healings and channelings:
Mr. Monty Tech "Twin Challenge" 2009Mr. Monty Tech "Twin Challenge" 2009
Ethan and Ray battle it out during the talent portion of Mr. Monty Tech.
Jeans - Kannodu Kanbathellam SongJeans - Kannodu Kanbathellam Song
Jeans - Tamil Movie Star Cast: Prashanth, Aishwarya Rai, Lakshmi, Nasser, Raju Sundaram, S.V.Sekhar, Senthil, Radhika, Geetha Music: A.R.Rahman Direction: Shankar Lyrics: Vairamuthu Language:...
Heather's Secret Shrinking Powers!Heather's Secret Shrinking Powers!
Just as Heather is about to go shopping with her friends, she is suddenly put on bratty babysitting duty! That's right - Heather has to babysit Silly Sally! In an attempt to get out of this...

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