twin portion

歌手 Ray 
作詞 三重野瞳 
作曲 Ikuo 
編曲 Ikuo 
カテゴリ ゲーム BinaryStar ED
閲覧数合計:1798 今月:18



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【Ray】「やわじゃないDID!! -Catch me! To LOVEる-」MV -short ver.-(2ndアルバム「Milky Ray」より)【Ray】「やわじゃないDID!! -Catch me! To LOVEる-」MV -short ver.-(2ndアルバム「Milky Ray」より)
2ndアルバム Ray「Milky Ray」 発売日:2014年6月4日 品番・価格: 【初回限定盤 (CD+DVD)】GNCA-1406/税抜価格¥3800 【通常盤 (CD)】GNCA-1407/税抜 ...
Masculine Twin Flame Earth. Gondolos/Gandanom.  channelled portion.Masculine Twin Flame Earth. Gondolos/Gandanom. channelled portion.
Chloe channels Father Earth. He speaks of his difficulties in withdrawing from the material Earth plane and his returning role. For healings and channelings: ...
Twin Peaks - Audience Q&A at San DIego Comic Con 2017Twin Peaks - Audience Q&A at San DIego Comic Con 2017
Check out the fan Q&A portion of the Twin Peaks panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017. The Twin Peaks panel was moderated by Damon Lindelof and features ...
Mr. Monty Tech "Twin Challenge" 2009Mr. Monty Tech "Twin Challenge" 2009
Ethan and Ray battle it out during the talent portion of Mr. Monty Tech.
TWIN FLAMES 11:11PM 5/01/2017TWIN FLAMES 11:11PM 5/01/2017
I am an Illumined Golden Blue Ray Twin Flame here to guide you on your path of awakening to understand your highest potential. I am a spontaneous channel, ...

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