Rumbling hearts

カテゴリ アニメ 君が望む永遠 ED 2
ゲーム 君が望む永遠 OP
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Rumbling HeartsRumbling Hearts
Vocalist: Minami Kuribayashi Soundtrack from: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien / Rumbling Hearts I would like to keep you in my memories too... forever. Disclaimer *I do ...
Rumbling hearts <TwinVocal ver.> 栗林みな実&たかはし智秋Rumbling hearts <TwinVocal ver.> 栗林みな実&たかはし智秋
kimi ga nozomu eien-rumbling heartskimi ga nozomu eien-rumbling hearts
栗林みな実 - Rumbling hearts -Guitar Cover-栗林みな実 - Rumbling hearts -Guitar Cover-
My favorite song I would like to thank all my friends for being so nice to me Hope you like this video Thanks for watching!!
栗林みな実 1st LIVE TOUR 2007 fantastic arrow DISC1栗林みな実 1st LIVE TOUR 2007 fantastic arrow DISC1
[Suzu-Kaze][鈴風音樂組]栗林みな実 1st LIVE TOUR 2007 fantastic arrow[x264][MKV] DISC1+2 共約3G 無字幕 栗林みな実の、2007年2月に东京中野サンプラザで行 ...

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