Want you!

歌手 越前リョーマ(皆川純子) 
関連リンク: 皆川純子 
作詞 夏ノ芹子 
作曲 渡辺未来 
編曲 渡辺未来 
カテゴリ アニメ 新テニスの王子様 イメージソング
閲覧数合計:5224 今月:17



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越前リョーマ -in the blue越前リョーマ -in the blue
Ryoma's Life Goes OnRyoma's Life Goes On
song: Life goes on Lyrics: I'm gonna head towards a brand new place where no one has been before 'Cos we will never change what has gone You know what I mean Talking to myself what is the...
ryoma echizen - go (limited edition) / 越前リョーマは - に行くryoma echizen - go (limited edition) / 越前リョーマは - に行く
hello people. uhhh idk what to say.....OH YEA!!! ok so i found this while looking at a site and i wanted to upload it cuz its limited edition and its like awesome ty and ENJOOOYYYY!!!
越前リョーマ - RYOMA ~ Under Pressure越前リョーマ - RYOMA ~ Under Pressure
4th track of RYOMA. I own nothing in this video, credits to respective owners. 歌詞: ほどけた靴ひもさえも 結べないほど疲れきった 霞む意識の奥で 逆流して...
(Echizen Ryoma) 越前リョーマ - ふたり(Echizen Ryoma) 越前リョーマ - ふたり
Hi, this is the 6th song on the 1st CD of Ryomas' SR Samurai album. BTW, ep 13 of shintenipuri is coimg out soon XD yay! I wonder whats going to happen with ep 14 and all... Anyways, minna-san,...

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