L'ambition mélodique

歌手 IGOR 
作詞 IGOR 
作曲 岩崎琢 
カテゴリ アニメ ヨルムンガンド PERFECT ORDER 挿入歌
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L'ambition mélodiqueに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Jormungand Perfect Order OST - L'ambition mélodiqueJormungand Perfect Order OST - L'ambition mélodique
Taku Iwasaki feat. Igor.
Jormungand AMV - L'ambition MélodiqueJormungand AMV - L'ambition Mélodique
This is the actual music playing in the background during this scene. Jormungand: Perfect Order Ep. 1 Title : L'ambition Mélodique By : 岩崎 琢 (Taku Iwasaki) feat. IGOR French Lyrics...
L'ambition melodique - ヨルムンガンド Perfect OrderL'ambition melodique - ヨルムンガンド Perfect Order
ヨルムンガンド Perfect Order Jormungand Perfect Order L'ambition melodique 岩崎 琢 feat. IGOR http://www.amazon.co.jp/ヨルムンガンド-PERFECT-ORDER-オリジナルサウンドト...
Jormungand Perfect Order - L'Ambition MelodiqueJormungand Perfect Order - L'Ambition Melodique
A track quite different, but it's not everyday you will find a french rap composed by Taku Iwasaki. Jormumgand is really worth it for it's great second season Perfect Order, a finale unexpected...
Risley -  L' ambition Melodique #SR5 #SrUsRCRisley - L' ambition Melodique #SR5 #SrUsRC

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