Secret of my heart

歌手 fripSide 
作詞 南條愛乃 
作曲 八木沼悟志 
編曲 八木沼悟志 
閲覧数合計:31485 今月:173



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[MAD]Secret of my heart[MAD]Secret of my heart
即便你將離我而去,只要你能快樂我便能滿足願永遠只與你做朋友也不願改變彼此的感情歌名:fripSide - Secret Of My Heart 喜歡的話歡迎訂閱^~^
fripSide secret of my heartfripSide secret of my heart
Secret of my heart - fripSide - Piano 【Sheet Music/楽譜】Secret of my heart - fripSide - Piano 【Sheet Music/楽譜】
Finally, I have finished rearranging this song and corrected some mistakes. This is one of my favorite songs so it's worth spending extra times to work on it. If you have got the old sheet...
Love live/Secret of My HeartLove live/Secret of My Heart
FripSide- Secret of My Heart.
【fripSide】SSA secret of my heart【fripSide】SSA secret of my heart

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