Soul Grace

作詞 Ken1 
作曲 榊原秀樹 
編曲 磯江俊道 
カテゴリ アニメ DRAMAtical Murder ED
閲覧数合計:2336 今月:6



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DRAMAtical Murder 「Rasterize Memory」- Soul GraceDRAMAtical Murder 「Rasterize Memory」- Soul Grace
DRAMAtical Murder エンディングソングミニアルバム「Rasterize Memory」 Song: Soul Grace Artist: VERTUEUX ----------------------------- I don't own the song Credit: ...
Soul grace -Vertueux (Sub español + karaoke)Soul grace -Vertueux (Sub español + karaoke)
Quería subir el video la semana pasada, pero mi computador comenzó a tener problemas y tuve muchas ganas de tirarlo por la ventana... pero me contuve ¬.
VERTUEUX - Soul Grace (Mink's Anime Ending)VERTUEUX - Soul Grace (Mink's Anime Ending)
‹DRAMAtical Murder - Angel. [by VERTUEUX]›‹DRAMAtical Murder - Angel. [by VERTUEUX]›
The Song is from Mink's Drama CD of DRAMAtical Murder . This is a fanmade Lyrics video. The Audio isn't mine and the Lyrics was taken from ...
Dramatical Murder. (Soul Grace) MinkxAoba "SUB ESP y Lyrics"Dramatical Murder. (Soul Grace) MinkxAoba "SUB ESP y Lyrics"
"I do not own any of the content shown here. It belongs to NITRO+CHIRAL and all other respective owners." Este es unos de los ending del anime de DMMD.

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