my name is...

作詞 minato 
作曲 minato 
編曲 丸山真由子 
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my name is... VALSHE 歌ってみたmy name is... VALSHE 歌ってみた
難しい(´Д` )
[Tsukimi Matsuri 15] My name is.... / Valshe cover[Tsukimi Matsuri 15] My name is.... / Valshe cover
As I said on my soundcloud, I sang "My name is" of Valshe at Tsukimi Matsuri last sunday. But my friend only could record it a half. Thanks for watching. Thank Shirayuki Sei for recording it.
Nameless Story - Valshe Subbed Romaji and EnglishNameless Story - Valshe Subbed Romaji and English
Obviously I don't own the song. If I did i think I would be rich.... or something like that Used for the romaji and
Valshe - Symmetric Target [Valuable Sheaves]Valshe - Symmetric Target [Valuable Sheaves]
From: Song: Symmetric Target Album: Valuable Sheaves Singer: Valshe Valshe is a female utaite well-known for her lower range vocals. Though she is...
Butterfly Core/VALSHE [Music Box] (Anime "Case Closed(Detective Conan)" OP)Butterfly Core/VALSHE [Music Box] (Anime "Case Closed(Detective Conan)" OP)
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