歌手 Kalafina 
作詞 梶浦由記 
作曲 梶浦由記 
編曲 梶浦由記 
閲覧数合計:3865 今月:36




♕ Nightcore - Lapis (Kalafina)♕ Nightcore - Lapis (Kalafina)
Like Comment and Subscribe if you like this Nightcore and want to catch the next update ^_^ ♕ Song Title : Lapis ♕ Artist : Kalafina.
『KanaChi x Hereson』 Lapis ~ Kalafina『KanaChi x Hereson』 Lapis ~ Kalafina
Original song composed by Yuki Kajiura and sung by Kalafina. I do not own anything! Except my voice xD "Are we like.. trying to break the world record of both slowest and fastest collab ever?...
Keiko's singing parts (3)Keiko's singing parts (3)
Song titles (in order): progressive Koibito no Mukashigatari no Yuugure no (00:12) Samidare ga Sugita Koro ni (00:24) Yami no Uta (00:40) Kizuato (01:41) Mahiru (02:42) interlude 01 (03:19)...
KALAFINA : The Best Songs of 2008-2014KALAFINA : The Best Songs of 2008-2014
Minus short (under 3 minutes) songs.. Gathered opinions from friends, blogs and forums.. ~ All clips/videos owned by rightful owners (Sony Music Ent Japan,and such).. ~ My intention is to...
Lapis lazuli (Male Version, Vietsub)Lapis lazuli (Male Version, Vietsub)
This's not a cover, I only changed the pitch Trans: Cristalgt Xin đừng tự ý sử dụng bản dịch này khi chưa hỏi qua ý kiến của mình.

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