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Shingeki no Kyojin - Ending (The movie) + LyricsShingeki no Kyojin - Ending (The movie) + Lyrics
Music by; Hiroyuki Sawano, Mica Caldito, mpi, & Mika Kobayashi.
[Nightcore] - YAMANAIAME[Nightcore] - YAMANAIAME
YAMANAIAME - Hiroyuki Sawano ft Mica Caldito, mpi and Mika Kobayashi [From the anime movie: Attack on Titan - Part 1: Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen] ...
【歌ってみた】 YAMANAIAME (feat. Mark & Thymeka)【歌ってみた】 YAMANAIAME (feat. Mark & Thymeka)
We turn back the tide of hell, and win back our fantasy. We fight for our right to be a free people again. And now we can see...》 Super collaborazione che ho ...
My Top 100 Hiroyuki Sawano Composed SongsMy Top 100 Hiroyuki Sawano Composed Songs
Updated to include all the vocal tracks of the Thunderbolt Fantasy OST (spoiler: There's only 1 and it's not that good). Rules: I only considered 1 version of a ...
My Top 40 Hiroyuki Sawano Composed Anime OST SongsMy Top 40 Hiroyuki Sawano Composed Anime OST Songs
And here's the other Sawano list to reupload. This is probably the one that interests you a lot more. Rules: Any song that Sawano composed on an anime OST ...

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