歌手 Cyntia 
作詞 SAKI(Cyntia) 
作曲 AZU(Cyntia) 
編曲 五十嵐淳一  Cyntia 
閲覧数合計:3292 今月:13




Darling ~ Cyntia [Sub Español]Darling ~ Cyntia [Sub Español]
[no copyright infringement ] Traducción a Español & Edición de Video :Aby Lara Lyrics, Translations and Subbed English by @ItaKissLitPH Please do credit when reposting ORIGINAL VID...
【Cyntia】- Darling [Live]【Cyntia】- Darling [Live]
We know that Saki has an excellent vocal range but how cute her voice can be during live aside from what you've heard from their studio recordings?. Check it out yourself!. This is also an...
[DARLING] Itakiss 2 Fanmade MV[DARLING] Itakiss 2 Fanmade MV
DARLING Itakiss 2 Fanmade MV [no copyright infringement ] Lyrics, Translations and Subbed by @ItaKissLitPH Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItaKissLitPH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mischievous...
Cyntia/Darling (ドラマ 『イタズラなKiss2〜Love in TOKYO』 挿入歌)Cyntia/Darling (ドラマ 『イタズラなKiss2〜Love in TOKYO』 挿入歌)
Cyntia(シンティア)のニューシングル「Darling」。テレビドラマ「イタズラなKiss2〜Love in TOKYO」挿入歌。作詞:SAKI(ボーカル)、作曲:AZU(ベース...
Cyntia Darling C0133Cyntia Darling C0133
1835 (なんちゃってギターカバー・歪んだ音で弾くだけで楽しい・Season Five The original guitar cover play that is, and is slightly different that I hate the orthodox...

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