Battle Scars

歌手 ラップ: David Whitaker 
作詞 David Whitaker 
作曲 澤野弘之 
カテゴリ アニメ 青の祓魔師 イメージソング
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Blue Exorcist Movie OST - Battle ScarsBlue Exorcist Movie OST - Battle Scars
I looked all over the place for this and I finally found it. So I'm gonna uploaded for everyone to enjoy :D Battle Scars by David Whitaker.
Hiroyuki Sawano-Battle scarsHiroyuki Sawano-Battle scars
Hiroyuki Sawano - Battle Scars (Vocal Remix)Hiroyuki Sawano - Battle Scars (Vocal Remix)
Remix of Battle scars- Keeps you going.
AVM-Battle Scars x Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/ Grand OrderAVM-Battle Scars x Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/ Grand Order
Well it's a long time not to make AMV. Recently I immerse myself in Fate Grand Order Game, so I made this AMV with 3 fate animes with Sawano/David ...
鬼武者Soul - 20150210大合戰[鬼]安芸.備後(広島) V.S.[人]羽後(秋田) ─ V.S. 夜羅玥(攻擊側)鬼武者Soul - 20150210大合戰[鬼]安芸.備後(広島) V.S.[人]羽後(秋田) ─ V.S. 夜羅玥(攻擊側)

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