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(English) Ar Tonelico EXEC_HARMONIUS/. with lyrics(English) Ar Tonelico EXEC_HARMONIUS/. with lyrics
Ar Tonelico 'EXEC_HARMONIUS/.' with lyrics. The meaning of lyrics translated to English from Japanese. A translator is me. There may be unnatural English ...
志方あきこ - EXEC_HARMONIUS/. 中文字幕(Chinese Translation)志方あきこ - EXEC_HARMONIUS/. 中文字幕(Chinese Translation)
Disclaimer: All rights to Gust Co., Ltd., therefore, I do not own this audio. If you enjoy this song, Please support them by buying this album! Amazon: ...
【作業用BGM】Ar tonelico Hymmnos Concert Part.1【作業用BGM】Ar tonelico Hymmnos Concert Part.1
アップロード:2016/02/29 01 中河健 - Legend of Artonelico ~ミュール生誕 02 志方あきこ - 謳う丘 - Harmonics EOLIA - 03 志方あきこ - EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY/.
ありがとう、貴方のその言葉 ありがとう、貴方のその眼差し、その愛 私も貴方に贈りましょう 好み全てで貴方を包み込むように 『EXEC_HARMONIUS/...

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