Smiley Days

歌手 2nd IDOLING!!! 
作詞 近藤圭一 
作曲 近藤圭一 
編曲 近藤圭一 
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Vmax Burnout.
Drag races 2012 1st videoDrag races 2012 1st video
Drag races Ballinhassig, Co Cork. one fast bike quarter mile in 8.3sec, sadly it blew the engine and caught fire today.
Tyre Burn Out FZ1Tyre Burn Out FZ1
Sorry for the low quality video. Had to use my old format phone camera. Bought the bike 2nd hand from another owner. Using the OEM tyres since bought in ...
HZ 1Tonner burnout with injected vs 5L v8HZ 1Tonner burnout with injected vs 5L v8
my Hz 1toner with Vs injected 5L v8 doin a bit of a skid.

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