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Fairy Tail Opening 18Fairy Tail Opening 18
Vidio ini bukan official full version! Saya persembahkan Fairy Tail Opening 18 . Judul Lagu ini "Break Out-V6" Thanks you for watching subscribe, like, and ...
フェアリーテイル(BREAK OUT)フェアリーテイル(BREAK OUT)
V6 / BREAK OUT(Lyric Video)V6 / BREAK OUT(Lyric Video)
V6 / BREAK OUT(歌詞付き動画) アニメ「フェアリーテール(FAIRY TAIL)」オープニングテーマ ▽V6『Timeless』 《収録曲》 01. Timeless...
Fairy Tail Opening 18 - "Break Out" (Extended Version)Fairy Tail Opening 18 - "Break Out" (Extended Version)
Note: This is a FAN-MADE extended remix, not the official full version! PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE! I now present an extended version to the ...
V6 - BREAK OUT [Fairy Tail Opening]V6 - BREAK OUT [Fairy Tail Opening]
Anime: Fairy Tail V6 - BREAK OUT Zero Music ...

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