歌手 みとせのりこ 
作詞 みとせのりこ 
作曲 Morrigan 
編曲 Morrigan 
カテゴリ ゲーム アルノサージュ~生まれいずる星へ祈る詩~ イメージソング
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みとせのりこ - Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE; 中文字幕(Chinese Translation)みとせのりこ - Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE; 中文字幕(Chinese Translation)
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has anyone else ever thought that exsphere nosurge would be a great euphemism for epididymal vasocongestion (yes it's in 4k) forest fire image by cameron strandberg blood texture by smileys-4-eva.
Ciel Nosurge - Class::EXSPHERE NOSURGE; (beta version)Ciel Nosurge - Class::EXSPHERE NOSURGE; (beta version)
Original: This version was not released in any of the major soundtrack CDs. It was released in a "best of" CD that was only available for a short time...
Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE; ~ Ar nosurge Genometric Concert side.紅 ~天統姫~Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE; ~ Ar nosurge Genometric Concert side.紅 ~天統姫~
Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE; Track 7 Album: Ar nosurge Genometric Concert side.紅 ~天統姫~ Composed: Morrigan Arranged: Morrigan Lyrics: Noriko Mitose Performed: Noriko Mitose.
Ar no Surge OST - Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE;Ar no Surge OST - Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE;
Genometric Concert side.Aka ~Tentouki~

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