歌手 Asriel 
作曲 黒瀬圭亮 
編曲 村上純 
カテゴリ ゲーム 11eyes -Resona Forma- ED
閲覧数合計:1334 今月:15




【字幕歌詞】 Judgment/Asriel 【11eyes -Resona Forma-】【字幕歌詞】 Judgment/Asriel 【11eyes -Resona Forma-】
Eroge:11eyes -Resona Forma- Insert Song Song:Judgment full Vocal:KOKOMI (Asriel) Lyrics:KOKOMI Composer:黒瀬圭亮 Kurose Keisuke Ararnger:塩田 ...
[Undertale AU] Storyshift: Asriel at Judgement Hall(Genocide)[Fan-made][Undertale AU] Storyshift: Asriel at Judgement Hall(Genocide)[Fan-made]
This is FANMADE and not part of the Storyshift Canon Storyshift created by Voltrathelively and here's a link to the official comic online - http://bit.ly/2mWXNtm ...
(stepmania) Judgment - Asriel 鬼畜譜面(stepmania) Judgment - Asriel 鬼畜譜面
stepmania play 鬼Lv.15.
Osu! Judgment - Asriel [Insane] Clear!Osu! Judgment - Asriel [Insane] Clear!
204 is the max BPM, my legit pass, though. This is too fast for me, I can barely read from half of the song.
Asriel's last stand: Judgement hallAsriel's last stand: Judgement hall
Something for an animation that i'm doing~ Hope you like it^W^. asriel from storyshift undertale - toby fox art and music remix - me.

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