歌手 Nujabes 
作詞 Shing02 
作曲 Nujabes 
編曲 Nujabes 
カテゴリ アニメ サムライチャンプルー OP
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Battlecry- NujabesBattlecry- Nujabes
Samurai Champloo opening, Battlecry by Nujabes 1 million! Thanks for enjoying great music!
Nujabes - BattlecryNujabes - Battlecry
Sharp Like An Edge Of A Samurai Sword The Mental Blade Cut Through Flesh And Bone Though My Mind's At Peace, The World Out Of Order Missing The Inner Heat, Life Gets Colder Oh Yes, I Have To...
Nujabes- Battlecry (1080p)Nujabes- Battlecry (1080p)
all the other videos of this song were bad quality so here 1080p enjoy I don't own any part of this song all right go to there rightful owners.
ldst - battlecry remix (full)ldst - battlecry remix (full)
Finished it. More of my stuff:
Samurai Champloo opening music (FULL)Samurai Champloo opening music (FULL)
Only music - Nujabes - Battlecry I do NOT own ANY content shown in this video. All copyrights go to the rightful owners. Made for entertainment purposes only.

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