歌手 kazami 
作詞 Lori Fine(COLDFEET)  tsutchie 
作曲 tsutchie 
編曲 tsutchie 
カテゴリ アニメ サムライチャンプルー アレンジ版
読みゆー ひまわり
閲覧数合計:3091 今月:16




Kazami - You/HimawariKazami - You/Himawari
Samourai Champloo Song Wonderful.
Kazami - YOU/himawari (English)Kazami - YOU/himawari (English)
I do not own this content. The video, and the English version of this song, is the property of its rightful owners. Kazami - YOU/himawari (English) Samurai ...
YOU [Himawari] - Tsutchie ft. Kazami [English Ver.] [HD]YOU [Himawari] - Tsutchie ft. Kazami [English Ver.] [HD]
Happy White Day Dear... =]
You feat. Kazami (English Version) - TsutchieYou feat. Kazami (English Version) - Tsutchie
Title: You (English Version) Artist: Kazami Album: YOU 〜向日葵〜 / YOU ~Himawari~ (Single) Released: 2004 Lyrics: Oh, you know You know what to say Say "I ...
Samurai Champloo OST - YOU ~Himawari~.Samurai Champloo OST - YOU ~Himawari~.
Mugen (無限 (ムゲン)?) is a 19-year-old man and was born in a penal colony on the Ryukyu Islands, which, in the Edo period was a separate kingdom with close ...

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