歌手 ChouCho 
作詞 ChouCho 
作曲 h-wonder 
編曲 h-wonder 
カテゴリ アニメ 閃乱カグラ ESTIVAL VERSUS -水着だらけの前夜祭- 主題歌
閲覧数合計:1950 今月:22




Choucho - Hello,Hello,HelloChoucho - Hello,Hello,Hello
Choucho Best Collection "bouquet" Artist : Choucho ~ http://choucho-net.com/ Label : Lantis ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/lantis " DISCLAIMER - I DON'T ...
High School DxD Born Opening Full Hello, hello,helloHigh School DxD Born Opening Full Hello, hello,hello
Se aproxima Gameplays Anime Tops LoL Minecraft Agar.io y mas tal como les habia dicho :D Gracias Por ver suscribete Like Comenta :D.
ChouCho / BLESS YoUr NAME [Official Video]ChouCho / BLESS YoUr NAME [Official Video]
ChouCho「BLESS YoUr NAME」 TVアニメ『ハイスクールD×D BorN』OP主題歌 now on sale LACM-14333/1200円(税抜) INDEX 1.BLESS YoUr NAME(TVアニメ『 ...
||Top-15|| ChouCho / ちょうちょ Anime Songs||Top-15|| ChouCho / ちょうちょ Anime Songs
ChouCho =/= Chouchou Next: Lia or Kalafinah.............................or the mysterious box lml stuff.- Buddy Complex(Ed) "Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai de" Fate/kaleid liner ...
My Top ChouCho Anime SongsMy Top ChouCho Anime Songs
Since I already covered the full discography in a previous video (that no one watched), I might as well cover the anime songs to build some hype for the ...

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