Millions of Stones

歌手 SiM 
作詞 MAH 
作曲 SiM 
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Shingeki no Bahamut - Millions of StonesShingeki no Bahamut - Millions of Stones
I do not own this.
SiM - Millions of Stones (Original Audio)SiM - Millions of Stones (Original Audio)
Single from the second opening of the Anime series "Shingeki no Bahamut" and the LP "ANGELS AND EViLS". All rights reserved to SiM, gil soundworks.
SiM - Millions Of Stones (COVER) with POD HD500SiM - Millions Of Stones (COVER) with POD HD500
祝武道館決定! TUNING : Drop C 6C 5G 4C 3F 2A 1D.
Millions of stones-SiM (cover)Millions of stones-SiM (cover)
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Warning: Number 20 has pretty explicit lyrics. I said I wouldn't do anymore discos. 4 days later I make a new one. Do I ever listen to the things I tell myself? SiM ...

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