歌手 柚木涼香  水樹奈々 
作詞 有森聡美 
作曲 戸田誠司 
編曲 戸田誠司 
カテゴリ アニメ シスタープリンセス イメージソング
読みきせき の ひと
閲覧数合計:3601 今月:21



KISEKI no HITOに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Self Work: Series of BladeSelf Work: Series of Blade
BGM: Sister Princess - KISEKI no HITO (柚木涼香 & 水樹奈奈)
Ryouka Yuzuki - Hirusagari no TawamureRyouka Yuzuki - Hirusagari no Tawamure
also known as Play in the Early Afternoon. This is the only known song I have by her, which is a shame, because she sings rather well. Song: Hirusagari no ...
Ryoka Yuzuki (Ino) - Play in the Early AfternoonRyoka Yuzuki (Ino) - Play in the Early Afternoon
Ryoka Yuzuki (Ino) - Play in the Early Afternoon.
Yuzuki Ryoka- Hirusagari no Tawamure [fandub]Yuzuki Ryoka- Hirusagari no Tawamure [fandub]
Another song from me :D my throat was a little sore when I sung this... is that a good excuse?? ^^;; as usual, i only own my voice. ^^

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