歌手 石田燿子 
作詞 松井洋平 
作曲 矢鴇つかさ 
編曲 矢鴇つかさ 
カテゴリ アニメ FAIRY TAIL ED 20
閲覧数合計:13437 今月:166



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Fairy Tail - Forever Here (Full Version)Fairy Tail - Forever Here (Full Version)
Hello! This is my very very very first video that I uploaded on YouTube. I know that it's a little simple, but please go easy on me. I'll try to make them better in future ...
【МAD】Fairy Tail 「FOREVER HERE」 あなた自身の意志が生きて【МAD】Fairy Tail 「FOREVER HERE」 あなた自身の意志が生きて
WELL HAPPY NEW YEARRR !! then finnally , 2016 has came . and i didn`nt choose this arc for a new-year-video for no reason . as you know , the last FT ...
Fairy Tail Ending 20 - FOREVER HERE (Synthesia)Fairy Tail Ending 20 - FOREVER HERE (Synthesia)
FOREVER HERE If you're interested in piano lessons (music theory, playing by ear and piano technique) ...
Yoko Ishida - FOREVER HERE (Fairy Tail Ending 20 Full)Yoko Ishida - FOREVER HERE (Fairy Tail Ending 20 Full)
Hope you will enjoy this! Lyrics: Forever Here....We are Wake aenai nante mou omowanai de Sore ga donna ni Itakute tatte...

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