歌手 Fo'xTails 
作詞 takao 
作曲 鳴風 
編曲 Fo'xTails 
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【Fo'xTails】TVアニメ『純情ロマンチカ3』OP主題歌「Innocent Graffiti」Music Clip【Fo'xTails】TVアニメ『純情ロマンチカ3』OP主題歌「Innocent Graffiti」Music Clip
TVアニメ『純情ロマンチカ3』オープニング主題歌 「Innocent Graffiti」 Fo'xTails LACM-14374/¥1300 (税抜価格)+税/Lantis 2015年07月22日 1.Innocent Graffiti(TVア...
Fo'xTails「Change Myself」Fo'xTails「Change Myself」
Fo'xTails are... Vo.takao Gt.鳴風 Gt&DJ.テラ Ba.坂本尭之 Dr.峻洋 Fo'xTails 1st mini album 「VenerY」LIVE会場にて好評発売中。 収録曲 1.Change Myself 2.ONE TIME 3.FEST...
My Top 25 Anime Opening of Summer 2015 B- and C-SidesMy Top 25 Anime Opening of Summer 2015 B- and C-Sides
Couple of reuploads I need to do for blocks, one today and one tomorrow. My very first B-Side list, now not blocked in a bunch of countries! Rules: All songs must have originally been on...
A tribute  to Blaze and TailsA tribute to Blaze and Tails
J'ai créé cette vidéo à l'aide de l'application de montage de vidéos YouTube ( A tribute to my 2nd favorite couple whit Blaze(Blaze and Tails) and even ther...
//little game OC map/part1/for foxtails//little game OC map/part1/for foxtails
omg i think im improving OOO starting to use paint tool sia and....ITS SO STINKING GOOD AHHHH well anyways enjoy lel. ((i own nothing but the art))

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