歌手 Fo'xTails 
作詞 takao 
作曲 鳴風 
編曲 Fo'xTails 
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【Fo'xTails】TVアニメ『純情ロマンチカ3』OP主題歌「Innocent Graffiti」Music Clip【Fo'xTails】TVアニメ『純情ロマンチカ3』OP主題歌「Innocent Graffiti」Music Clip
TVアニメ『純情ロマンチカ3』オープニング主題歌 「Innocent Graffiti」 Fo'xTails LACM-14374/¥1300 (税抜価格)+税/Lantis 2015年07月22日 1.Innocent Graffiti(TVア...
Fo'xTails「PRIDE ~way of life~」short MVFo'xTails「PRIDE ~way of life~」short MV
Fo'xTails are... Vo.takao Gt.鳴風 Gt&DJ.テラ Ba.坂本尭之 Dr.峻洋 Fo'xTails 2nd mini album 「UnleasH」LIVE会場にて4月13日より発売開始。 収録曲 1.PRIDE ~way of...
foxtails - III [Full Album]foxtails - III [Full Album]
1. princess carolyn 00:00 Flowers perched on the staircase down inside the manor one lone fly multiplied by fears and doubts just shy of screaming infested just shy of leaving flesh forever...
foxtails-every window in alcatraz has a view of san franciscofoxtails-every window in alcatraz has a view of san francisco
From the LP this is not for you(2015) now the wind can tear me to shreds / and my bones turn to dust / why should i keep standing if i don't even have a spine / and my bones turn to well i...
Cubicle Concerts: Foxtails BrigadeCubicle Concerts: Foxtails Brigade
I have an artistic crush on Foxtails Brigade. Their music is moody and beautiful and reminds me of the pathos of being human. In a way it's like Buster Keaton with a guitar, if Buster was...

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