歌手 小野賢章 
作詞 渡辺拓也 
作曲 渡辺拓也 
編曲 渡辺拓也 
カテゴリ アニメ ラクエンロジック OP
閲覧数合計:34956 今月:529




小野賢章Ono Kensho-STORY full version小野賢章Ono Kensho-STORY full version
小野賢章 / STORY - Music Video Short Ver.小野賢章 / STORY - Music Video Short Ver.
小野賢章 3rd Single「STORY」 2016.1.27 On Sale!! <初回限定盤> LACM-34422/¥1800+税 ☆Music Video収録DVD付 <通常盤> LACM-14422/¥1200+税 ...
STORY - Kensho Ono (Luck & Logic) OPENING FULLSTORY - Kensho Ono (Luck & Logic) OPENING FULL
Since no one decided to upload the whole song or most versions are the nightcore version, I took it upon myself to upload the FULL ORIGINAL opening song for ...
Luck & Logic OP – STORY by Ono Kensho [小野賢章]Luck & Logic OP – STORY by Ono Kensho [小野賢章]
Hi! This is the opening song of the new anime Luck & Logic. The song is sung by the main character's CV Ono Kensho, 小野賢章. I really like Ono Kensho's voice ...
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