歌手 Raj Ramayya 
作詞 Raj Ramayya 
作曲 菅野よう子 
編曲 菅野よう子 
カテゴリ アニメ WOLF'S RAIN イメージソング
閲覧数合計:3847 今月:16




Wolf's Rain OST - StrangersWolf's Rain OST - Strangers
Wolf's Rain Original Soundtrack - Strangers by Raj Ramayya [HD 720p]
Raj Ramayya - StrangersRaj Ramayya - Strangers
"Strangers" performed by Raj Ramayya on the 2003 Wolf's Rain soundtrack "Wolf's Rain OST 1" Lyrics: We've found a kind of paradise in a flower's bloom We've ...
Raj Ramayya - StrangersRaj Ramayya - Strangers
Wolf's Rain - StrangersWolf's Rain - Strangers
One of my most favorite songs from Wolf's Rain! :)
lyrics to strangerslyrics to strangers
this is my first lyrics strangers by yoko kanno i think.i only watched 1 episode of wolfs rain so far and im likeing it.^.^.i found this song on youtube.but,i think its in ...

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