could you bite the hand?

歌手 steve conte 
作曲 菅野よう子 
編曲 菅野よう子 
カテゴリ アニメ WOLF'S RAIN イメージソング
閲覧数合計:2321 今月:1



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Could You Bite The Hand? by Steve ConteCould You Bite The Hand? by Steve Conte
My personal favorite song off the Wolf's Rain soundtrack. Wolf's Rain is such a great anime ^^
Wolf's Rain - Could You Bite the Hand?Wolf's Rain - Could You Bite the Hand?
One of my favorite Wolf's Rain songs! Song: Could You Bite the Hand? Album: Wolf's Rain O.S.T. 1 Singer: Steve Conte Lyrics: (let me know if something is wrong) Another gun for...
Steve Conte - Could You Bite the HandSteve Conte - Could You Bite the Hand
Lyrics Another gun for hire and just another day When you are done, you just abuse it, whatever you say If you were offered some, would you wanna bite the hand? Would you betray a friend to...
20 Could You Bite The Hand20 Could You Bite The Hand
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Steve Conte - StraySteve Conte - Stray
Lyrics Stray, stray! In the cold breeze that I walk alone The memories of generation burn within me Been forever, since I've cried the pain of sorrow I'll live and hide the pride that my...

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