It's all about you

作詞 ryo(supercell) 
作曲 ryo(supercell) 
編曲 ryo(supercell) 
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†Nightcore - It's all about you†  ♥Egoist♥†Nightcore - It's all about you† ♥Egoist♥
Nightcore Koutetsujou no Kabaneri OP Single - KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS.
【カラオケ】 It's all about you / EGOIST (KARAOKE,INSTRUMENTAL,MIDI)【カラオケ】 It's all about you / EGOIST (KARAOKE,INSTRUMENTAL,MIDI)
「All Alone With You」【EGOIST】(Instrumental Band Cover)「All Alone With You」【EGOIST】(Instrumental Band Cover)
"Let's Get Together Again Sometime" Got another EGOIST song again, even though I already have one cover version of this song but this time it's an ...
Egoist - It's all about you (Short male Cover)Egoist - It's all about you (Short male Cover)
Had time today to figure out parts of the song. It was pretty fun to sing it, hope u guys like it too :3.
[My] Top 10 EGOIST Songs in Anime[My] Top 10 EGOIST Songs in Anime
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