amore amaro

カテゴリ アニメ WOLF'S RAIN ED
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Amore Amaro- Franco SansaloneAmore Amaro- Franco Sansalone
"Amore Amaro", song from the album: "Wolf's Rain OST2". "Wolf's Rain" is a famous Anime, the music composer is Yoko Kanno. "Wolf's Rain OST 2" is the ...
Wolf's Rain - Amore amaro (Bitter Love) by Franco Sansalone (with lyric)Wolf's Rain - Amore amaro (Bitter Love) by Franco Sansalone (with lyric)
Amore amaro -Bitter Love- From: Wolf´s Rain Vocal: Franco Sansalone Music: Yoko Kanno LYRIC: Come vorrei su di me il tuo fiato il tuo fragile corpo e ad ogni ...
Wolf's Rain - Amore Amaro - LyricsWolf's Rain - Amore Amaro - Lyrics
Contains both Italian (original) lyrics and the English equivalent. Song credits are located in the beginning for easy access, a short clip crediting me for my time ...
Wolf's Rain OST 2 - 16 - Amore amaro (Franco Sansalone)Wolf's Rain OST 2 - 16 - Amore amaro (Franco Sansalone)
Anime Folge: das ist der original soundtrack 2 von der tv serie in der ost kommen auch opening und endingen in full version.

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