歌手 高橋洋子 
作詞 Mamie D.Lee 
作曲 大森俊之 
編曲 大森俊之 
カテゴリ アニメ 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン イメージソング
読みらぶ あんてぃーく
閲覧数合計:6438 今月:44



LOVE ANTIQUEに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Love Antique - Yoko Takahashi - RefrainLove Antique - Yoko Takahashi - Refrain
I am just about to forget you Once there was summer of color crimson lake All it took to confess was a word All it took to express was a kiss When love was young ...
高橋洋子(Yoko Takahashi) - Loving You高橋洋子(Yoko Takahashi) - Loving You
DISCLAIMER- I don't own any rights about this sound source and swear I'll never claim it as well. Just hope you enjoy it. She's usually well-known for the OP ...

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