Run into the light

歌手 fripSide 
作詞 八木沼悟志 
作曲 八木沼悟志 
編曲 八木沼悟志 
閲覧数合計:258 今月:258



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Audiosurf- fripSide: Belief -Tri-Hedge RMX- (Eraser Elite)Audiosurf- fripSide: Belief -Tri-Hedge RMX- (Eraser Elite)
So far, this remix is my favorite from the albums. Can't believe I missed that storm @ 1:36.
Vindictus Scythe Evie Siglint Solo (Improved)Vindictus Scythe Evie Siglint Solo (Improved)
Same stats as previous solo, but I did not use exquisite weapon buff potion and this is 6 mins faster than the previous solo XD. A few things to take note of: I did ...
Only My Railgun Piano (FULL VERSION!)Only My Railgun Piano (FULL VERSION!)
Only My Railgun by fripSide from 'To Aru Kagaku No Railgun' Transcribed for piano 4 hands (duet) by myself =D If you're wondering about the secondo ...
[osu!] fripSide-eternal reality - TV size - [ P A N's insane] DT+HD[osu!] fripSide-eternal reality - TV size - [ P A N's insane] DT+HD

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