One and Only

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fripSide - One and Only (solo cover)fripSide - One and Only (solo cover)
from infinite synthesis 3. Nice melodic solo. Looking forward to next G5 album and MintJam single.
[fripSide] only my railgun LIVE ~ Decade Tokyo 2012[fripSide] only my railgun LIVE ~ Decade Tokyo 2012
[fripSide] "only my railgun" followed by "LEVEL 5 -judgelight-" performed live at Decade Tokyo 2012 mp3 download:!
【作業用BGM】fripSide - Best of, 1 Hour (1時間の神曲)【作業用BGM】fripSide - Best of, 1 Hour (1時間の神曲)
Second collection: Approximately 1 hour of cherry-picked fripSide songs. 僕のfripSide神曲メドリー。 Tracklist:- ...
Top fripSide Anime SongsTop fripSide Anime Songs
A last one for this season, I'll make some more of these this summer. So, it's fripSide this time, as they did an OP this season (it's a fine song I guess). I usually ...
fripside- escape (version 2008)fripside- escape (version 2008)
actually one of my favorite fripside songs out their english lyrics The rhythm of midnight I'll indulge as I like to the beat that can't stop, dancing till morning Casting ...

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