歌手 Saint Snow 
作詞 畑亜貴 
作曲 河田貴央 
編曲 河田貴央 
カテゴリ アニメ ラブライブ! サンシャイン!! 挿入歌
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SAINT SNOW - SELF CONTROL | Kyμ's | Dance CoverSAINT SNOW - SELF CONTROL | Kyμ's | Dance Cover
Hi~! Thank you so much for all the visits and subs!! We're so happy and excited, you're all amazing! ♥ As this gained so much popularity, we thought you'd like ...
[Love Live!! Sunshine] [DanceCover] St. Snow -「Self Control」[English][Love Live!! Sunshine] [DanceCover] St. Snow -「Self Control」[English]
ラブライブ!seintosuno-『Self Control』 【高画質高音質】ラブライブ!seintosuno-『Self Control』 【高画質高音質】
【スクフェス】Saint Snow - SELF CONTROL!! [Full Song]【Custom Beatmap】【スクフェス】Saint Snow - SELF CONTROL!! [Full Song]【Custom Beatmap】
Decided to make a beatmap for a full song, and SELF CONTROL!! came to my mind! This was mostly a test to see how CBF would handle a beatmap for a full ...
Saint Snow - Self Control [English Cover]Saint Snow - Self Control [English Cover]
Click here for more information! ✿ ✿Self Control✿☆ A little over a year ago Marina and I did a cover of Self Control by Saint Snow. It was the first Love Live ...

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