Beneath the Mask

歌手 Lyn 
作詞 Rike Schmalz 
作曲 目黒将司 
編曲 目黒将司 
カテゴリ ゲーム ペルソナ5 挿入歌
閲覧数合計:2074 今月:406



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Beneath the Mask [With Lyrics] - Persona 5Beneath the Mask [With Lyrics] - Persona 5
Credit goes to Atlus Co. Song composed by Shoji Meguro and sung by Lyn. Song names: Beneath the Mask [With Lyrics] - Persona 5 Evening and Rainy Day ...
(Persona5)Beneath the mask cover by YuukaNeko(Persona5)Beneath the mask cover by YuukaNeko
「Beneath the mask」from Persona5 ——“Hiding both face and mind.All free for you to draw” Original:Lyn Music:目黑将司 vocal/mix:佑可猫(YuukaNeko) Illust ...
Lyn - Beneath the MaskLyn - Beneath the Mask
ペルソナ5 페르소나 5 Persona 5.
Persona 5 Mini Concert - Lyn InaizumiPersona 5 Mini Concert - Lyn Inaizumi
Persona 5 Mini Concert by Lyn Inaizumi Composed by Shoji Meguro Tracks list 1. 0:00 - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There 2. 4:35 - Last Surprise 3. 12:02 - Life ...
Beneath the Mask/Lyn [Music Box] (Atlus "Persona 5" Insert Song)Beneath the Mask/Lyn [Music Box] (Atlus "Persona 5" Insert Song)
All Songs Collection [Part 1] [Part 2] #R3 Music Box's Playlists #Search for R3 Music Box's ...

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