Pursuing My True Self

歌手 平田志穂子 
作詞 南場優  RyoRca 
作曲 目黒将司 
編曲 目黒将司 
カテゴリ ゲーム ペルソナ4 OP
閲覧数合計:6937 今月:298



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Persona 4 -Reincarnation- Pursuing My True SelfPersona 4 -Reincarnation- Pursuing My True Self
my first OST video Lyrics: We are living our lives Abound with so much information Come on, let go of the remote Don't you know you're letting all the junk flood ...
Shihoko Hirata - Pursuing My True SelfShihoko Hirata - Pursuing My True Self
Canción: Pursuing My True Self Intérprete: Shihoko Hirata Compositor: Shoji Meguro.
Pursuing My True Self (FULL w/ lyrics)Pursuing My True Self (FULL w/ lyrics)
The full opening theme of Persona 4 with lyrics added for you to sing along this superbly catchy song. This song could be found in Never More ...
ペルソナ4 OP 「Pursuing My True Self」ペルソナ4 OP 「Pursuing My True Self」
ニコニコからの転載 ゲームのペルソナ4のオープニング.
Persona Music Live Mayonaka TV 2012Persona Music Live Mayonaka TV 2012
0:09:27 Reach Out to the Truth 0:14:27 Pursuing My True Self 0:17:41 Sky's the Limit 0:21:57 Your Affection 0:26:16 P3 Fes 0:28:23 Key Plus Words 0:37:00 ...

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