irony -TV Mix-

歌手 ClariS 
作詞 kz 
作曲 kz 
編曲 kz 
カテゴリ アニメ 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない OP
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ClariS - Irony (Amidst Remix) ♪ClariS - Irony (Amidst Remix) ♪
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ClariS - Irony (Porter Robinson Edit) 【VISUAL REMAKE】ClariS - Irony (Porter Robinson Edit) 【VISUAL REMAKE】
Twentieth part of a video series of visual remakes for all the songs played at Porter Robinson's Worlds Tour. In collaboration with Rex Spoof & Dexter Pearce.
ClariS - Irony (DJ Fortify Remix)ClariS - Irony (DJ Fortify Remix)
DL link, promo links and more info in description. Subscribe to us for more. This is one of the best remixes of Irony I have heard (the original itself is kind of ...
Claris ft. Haruya - Irony (Hiroyuki ODA Remix)Claris ft. Haruya - Irony (Hiroyuki ODA Remix)
Hiroyuki ODA's remix of the opening to OreImo. ODA was actually the illustrator of OreImo and also goes by the name Hanasoumen-P (HSP). This video is not in ...
『高音質』Claris & Blue - One love & irony『高音質』Claris & Blue - One love & irony
Enjoy it.

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