歌手 TrySail 
作詞 中野領太 
作曲 中野領太 
編曲 中野領太 
カテゴリ アニメ エロマンガ先生 ED
閲覧数合計:112739 今月:1069




TrySail 『adrenaline!!!』-Music Video YouTube EDIT ver.-TrySail 『adrenaline!!!』-Music Video YouTube EDIT ver.-
麻倉もも・雨宮 天・夏川椎菜の女性声優3人による、新世代トライアングルガールズユニット「TrySail」6thシングル! TVアニメ「エロマンガ先生」...
adrenaline full liveadrenaline full live
Nightcore -『adrenaline!!!』- TrySail (Eromanga-sensei Ending Full)Nightcore -『adrenaline!!!』- TrySail (Eromanga-sensei Ending Full)
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Eromanga Sensei ED Full Version - Adrenaline!!! [Piano Arrangement - Synthesia]Eromanga Sensei ED Full Version - Adrenaline!!! [Piano Arrangement - Synthesia]
Hi guys i'm RoranZ! ♥ This is my arrangement of Adrenaline!!!, the ending of Eromanga Sensei. In my opinion this is the best ending of the season, i hope you'll ...
”adrenaline!!!”/TrySail (Violin Cover)”adrenaline!!!”/TrySail (Violin Cover)
I played “adrenaline!!!” by Violin!! *Information for Sheet music* Some sheet musics of songs I played are available, not expensive! Please see two links below; ...

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