歌手 Carla Vallet 
作詞 Carla Vallet 
作曲 菅野よう子 
編曲 菅野よう子 
カテゴリ アニメ ∀ガンダム 挿入歌
読みあるふぁ あんど おめが
閲覧数合計:2520 今月:29



ALFA and OMEGAに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

∀ Gundam OST 2 | 04 Alfa and Omega∀ Gundam OST 2 | 04 Alfa and Omega
1999 ∀ Gundam (Turn A Gundam) II: Dianna & Kihel VOX: Carla Vallet
Alpha & OmegaAlpha & Omega
Since I hear this song I want to make a vid to Alphamon and Omegamon. So now I made it (I can't still make AMVs-.-) The pictures are from deviantART and ...
Carla Vallet - Lonely Eyes (Journey)Carla Vallet - Lonely Eyes (Journey)
Cosmopolitan- that is the best description for the 27 year old musician CARLA VALLET. So far destiny already has led her through three different continents- ...

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