歌手 小坂りゆ 
作詞 小坂りゆ 
作曲 Ryo 
編曲 Ryo 
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Kosaka Riyu - IgnoreKosaka Riyu - Ignore
additional song from the guilty sky's single.
Claymore [AMV] ~Ignore~Claymore [AMV] ~Ignore~
This video is purely fanmade. I do not own any copyrights to the material used in this video. No profit is being made from this. ---------- Anime: "Claymore" (2007) ...
SM: Ignore - Kosaka Riyu (小坂 りゆ)SM: Ignore - Kosaka Riyu (小坂 りゆ)
i was browsin thru my SM songs and found this one and decided to record a run, its called Ignore and is the second track on the Claymore OP single by Kosaka ...
Osu! - Riyu Kosaka - Ignore [Ignorant]Osu! - Riyu Kosaka - Ignore [Ignorant]
ꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜ Show more ꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜ ♪♪ Riyu Kosaka - Ignore ♪♪ ▻▻▻ Map creator: Sathron ▻▻▻ Beatmap Link: http://osu.ppy.sh/s/42734 ▻▻▻ Player:...
Osu! - Riyu Kosaka - Ignore *Heibel's Favorite map*Osu! - Riyu Kosaka - Ignore *Heibel's Favorite map*
More?? Check out my Osu! Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL33D79733E42D1CD1&feature=view_all Want even more!?! Then follow me on ...

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