I hear you everywhere

歌手 田中理恵 
作詞 かの香織 
作曲 かの香織 
編曲 F.T.C.C. 
カテゴリ アニメ ちょびっツ 挿入歌
読みあい ひあ ゆ えぶりほえあ
閲覧数合計:3605 今月:19



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Rie Tanaka - I hear you everywhere (new mix)Rie Tanaka - I hear you everywhere (new mix)
Web: http://radiomanga.net/ http://jbestmusic.blogspot.com http://aidorumusic.blogspot.com http://ostjmusic8.blogspot.com I hear you everywhere (new mix) by Rie Tanaka Album...
[ 田中理恵 ] Tanaka Rie - 『Let it be』[ 田中理恵 ] Tanaka Rie - 『Let it be』
Here's Tanaka Rie's song Let It Be, from her latest Album "Kokoro". I couldn't seem to find this song anywhere, and will post lyrics here when I get time to translate it~ Isn't she amazing? x3.
ニンギョヒメ (人鱼公主)ニンギョヒメ (人鱼公主)
田中理惠 CLAMP Chobits.
Rie Tanaka 「I Hear You Everywhere」Rie Tanaka 「I Hear You Everywhere」
I Hear You Everywhere.

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