歌手 井ノ上奈々 
作詞 ashrie 
作曲 ashrie 
編曲 山口一久 
カテゴリ アニメ つよきす Cool×Sweet イメージソング
読みげーむ おーばー
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【K-Shoot MANIA】 SLAM & nato - PARADOXX [MXM] Custom Pattern【K-Shoot MANIA】 SLAM & nato - PARADOXX [MXM] Custom Pattern
I tried to reappearance the pump it up D28(or S26) chart as much as possible. Artist: SLAM & nato Song: PARADOXX LV: 19 BPM: 220 Notecount: 2868.
Memories Off Ep 1 Part 2Memories Off Ep 1 Part 2
Enjoy Part 2 :D.
【東方vocal】朽葉色の空  vocal:仲篠田 麦【東方vocal】朽葉色の空  vocal:仲篠田 麦
【東方vocal】朽葉色の空 サークル:C-CLAYS (遊穹 U-KYU) vocal:仲篠田 麦 子守唄みたいです。
Bakerano (ばけらの)Bakerano (ばけらの)
Okay, so this is the new novel that I got interested in ^_^. looks really interesting..from the cover and inserts. but I can't give a summary...don't read it.

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