Thank you & Good Bye

歌手 小林ゆう 
作詞 ashrie 
作曲 和也 
編曲 山口一久 
カテゴリ アニメ つよきす Cool×Sweet 挿入歌
読みさんく ゆー あんど ぐっど ばう
閲覧数合計:1629 今月:1



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°˖☆『Goodbye Days』を最愛の人のために歌ってみた@ふるや°˖☆『Goodbye Days』を最愛の人のために歌ってみた@ふるや
I'm sorry I'm borrowing your account to upload this. I recorded this for you in one-shot so it's filled with flaws but I wouldn't be able to convey more feelings ...
Maria Holic {Unstoppable}Maria Holic {Unstoppable}
Thank you for your patience on this amv (again, would've been out sooner but sony vegas got a bug{Its fixed though}) And yeah, hope you enjoy the vid and ...
Especially for you~ふんばり温泉~Especially for you~ふんばり温泉~
Jimanica "Walking Behind" PV full versionJimanica "Walking Behind" PV full version
PV "Walking Behind" from album 『Torso』by Jimanica (WEATHER 055 / HEADZ 171) act & special thanks to: ...

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