Caged Bird

歌手 宮本駿一 
作詞 宮本駿一 
作曲 宮本駿一 
編曲 宮本駿一 
カテゴリ アニメ D・N・ANGEL ED
読みけいじどぅ ばーど
閲覧数合計:4429 今月:25



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宮本駿一「Caged Bird」宮本駿一「Caged Bird」
トラックレビューは「MY GREATEST TRACKS Caged Bird」で検索を。
DNA - Caged Bird (Karaoke)DNA - Caged Bird (Karaoke)
Caged Bird on Piano Karaoke........ What a longing... From the anime DNAngel This song is one of my favorites.. from de anime DNA, or DNAngel... I learn it time ago.. and someone tell me...
宮本俊一 - 海の子守唄 (Shunichi Miyamoto - Umi No Komoriuta)宮本俊一 - 海の子守唄 (Shunichi Miyamoto - Umi No Komoriuta)
D.N.Angel - Caged BirdD.N.Angel - Caged Bird
An official music video for the song Caged Bird performed by Miyamoto Shunichi - and yes this was lost along with my old account, and since it was very popular I've re-uploaded it. Since...
[D.N.ANGEL] 宮本 駿一 (Shunichi Miyamoto) - 道標 (Michishirube /Guidepost) FINAL[D.N.ANGEL] 宮本 駿一 (Shunichi Miyamoto) - 道標 (Michishirube /Guidepost) FINAL

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